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Things I used on my winter trip when the high was 36, low was 16, and snow was at least two feet deep where camping:
  • -20 mummy bag
  • plastic ground cover the size of the mummy bag
  • small tent footprint that worked well as a side wall to block blowing snow
  • foam pad
  • large plastic shovel for snow
  • mini pillow case I stuffed my jacket in
  • down jacket
  • ice cleats
  • hiking shoes (would use boots if the trail wasn't so popular)
  • base layer pants
  • fast drying hiking pants
  • base layer shirt
  • fleece shirt
  • extra fleece shirt for when first got wet from being too close to the pool
  • wigwam socks
  • extra socks
  • head band to keep ears warm while hiking
  • jogging gloves
  • warm mittens
  • alcohol stove that didn't work below 25 degrees
  • pot for heating water
  • MSR water filter
  • two 32oz nalgene bottles
  • silicone water bottle (I could break the ice by squeezing/biting and have a drink while the nalgene bottles thawed in the hot spring enough to unscrew)
  • plastic spoon
  • knife
  • trail mix
  • sourdough bread
  • chocolate
  • hiking poles
  • small bags that worked well for packing out garbage
  • toilet paper
  • toe warmers
  • body warmers I used to thaw my shoes enough to get my feet in
  • headlamp
  • 3d camera and extra battery
  • thermal camera
  • cell phone for normal photos
  • tiny swimsuit
  • tiny towel
  • plastic bag only for suit at night and wet towel on the hike out
  • small stuff sacks that helps keep small things from falling into
  • the deep snow
  • thermometer
Things I didn't use but was glad to have:
  • first aid kit
  • spare pair of glasses
  • line I would have used to secure the side wall if the breeze had
  • gotten stronger
  • large garbage bag to cover pack if it had started snowing
  • extra light
  • extra pants, shirt, waterproof socks, mittens, and hat in dry bag paper and pencil
  • swimming goggles (water flow was too low to need them this time)
Things I should leave behind next winter:
  • sunglasses
  • coffee
  • koolaid mix
  • oatmeal
  • candy that wasn't chocolate
  • backpacking meal that required boiling water
  • plastic cup
  • regular camera
  • mini tripod
  • watershoes
  • thick socks (unless I wear boots)
Things I didn't bring but should next time:
  • granola/breakfast bars
  • cheese to go with the bread
  • food that doesn't require heating
  • extra towel
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Uinta National Forest: Fifth Water Hot Springs
February 13, 2023 08:53
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